Trade L, growth proved by the final victory of ‘High School Rapper 4’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper TRADE L (Lee Seung-hoon) won the final championship of “High School Rapper 4,” wrapping up a five-month long run.

Trade L won the final title on the final stage of Mnet’s “High School Rapper 4,” which ended on the 23rd, and received 10 million won in prize money and a chance to release a special sound source with a mentor.

On the same day, Trade L made her final stage with “Ooh Wah,” produced by mentor Weichard. Changmo, One Stein’s featuring and Trade L’s heartfelt performance captivated the online audience as well as the mentor corps, leading to the final victory.

The 40 high school rappers, who broke through the largest number of applicants ever, ran nonstop from the search to the final stage and competed in good faith for the championship. Meanwhile, Trade L proved his skills by appearing as Lee Seung-hoon, his real name, and showing a sincere performance in each episode.

In particular, Park Jae-beom, pH-1, and Yuqi, who served as high school music mentors, listened to the passion and musical competence of the participants of “High School Rapper 4” for a short period of five months, and added sincere advice and support to the mentees, creating warmth.

He also prepared for the final stage of Park Hyun-jin, a team member, and added a lot of strength to the end. Park Hyun-jin’s melodic rap on Yuqi’s sensuous beat and Park Jae-beom’s charming featuring “INTRO” caught the eye by delivering bright and cheerful energy.

While Trade L’s move as a next-generation rapper is drawing attention through the victory of “High Rapper 4,” Higher Music is solidifying its position as the first Korean hip-hop label to have two winners, including “High Rapper 2” winner HAON (Kim Ha-on).

Meanwhile, Trade L’s final album “Ooh Wah” (Feat. CHANGMO, One Stein) and Park Hyun-jin’s “INTRO” (Feat. Park Jae-beom) are available on various online music sites.

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