B.I, who has the controversy over taking Cannabis, reveals the recent situation… Working on a new record?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

B.I, former member of the group iKON, revealed the latest situation.

On the 26th, B.I released the photo on Instagram without comment.

The photo shows B.I. sitting in a recording studio and working on music in black and white. The way you work seriously is eye-catching.

In June of last year, in 2016, after a suspicion of smoking cannabis was revealed, B.I withdrew from iKON and terminated an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. At the time, B.I. said, “I am so embarrassed and sorry to the fans and members who would have been greatly disappointed and hurt because of my wrong words and actions. I lower my head and apologize. I apologize.”

In March, B.I. released the donation album ‘Deep Night’s Consolation’ for the ‘LOVE STREAMING’ project and resumed activities.


Photo| B.I SNS
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