Hwang Shin-young, ‘Three babies Pregnancy’, “I want to eat without a break”, not morning sickness

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hwang Shin-young talked about her appetite that has become more active since she became pregnant with her triplets.

Hwang Shin-young posted a video on Instagram on the 26th with a message, “Why is the bread so delicious at night?”

The video showed Hwang Shin-young eating bread with both hands. Eating happily attracts attention.

Hwang Shin-young said, “I just finished pork cutlet and udon for dinner. I really wanted to eat bread for dessert, so I’ll go to the cafe right away. I’m scared… I’ve been wanting to eat without a break lately. I don’t want to brush my teeth. I put food in my mouth less than 20 minutes after brushing my teeth. The triplets must be hungry,” she added.

Hwang Shin-young married a non-celebrity who was five years older in 2017. The two recently became pregnant with artificial insemination. The baby is due in September.


Photo| Hwang Shin-young SNS
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