Lee Haneul’s warning against Kim Chang-yeol

Lee Ha-neul, Kim Chang-yeol. Photo| Star Today DB

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Group DJ DOC Lee Ha-neul mentioned Kim Chang-yeol for the first time after leaving his younger brother Lee Hyun-bae.

Lee Ha-neul communicated with fans through a live Instagram broadcast on the 26th. When fans asked about Kim Chang-yeol, he said, “I don’t want to talk about Chang-yeol. There’s a lot I’m preparing right now.
He’ll be in big trouble if he does that to me. I hope he does well,” he replied with a warning.

After Lee Hyun-bae’s release on the 22nd, Lee Ha-neul has shared his daily life in sorrow through live broadcasts since the next day.

Lee Hyun-bae, a member of the group 45rpm and younger brother of Lee Ha-neul, was found dead at his home in Jeju Island on the 17th. When the news of his death spread, Kim Chang-yeol posted a memorial message on SNS saying, “I hope you are happier in the sky, my friend,” and Lee Ha-neul cursed. In a live SNS broadcast, he claimed that Lee Hyun-bae, who was in charge of his work without making the investment promised by DJ DOC, suffered a living difficulty and was in a car accident while delivering motorcycles for a living.

Lee Ha-neul also said, “Lee Hyun-bae wrote the lyrics of Kim Chang-yeol’s song. Kim Chang-yeol doesn’t even know how to make melodies. Lee Hyun-bae wrote lyrics for me for 20 years,” he said, revealing that Lee Hyun-bae wrote and composed DJ DOC songs on behalf of him.
“But Kim Chang-yeol has never bought Lee Hyun-bae a meal,” he strongly criticized. The reason why Kim Chang-yeol’s name was posted instead of Lee Hyun-bae was that he wanted to take responsibility.

Lee Ha-neul reportedly concluded the conversation with Kim Chang-yeol, who visited the mortuary, saying, “Let’s talk later.” Attention is focusing on the direction of conflict between the group DJ DOC, which has risen to the surface due to Lee Hyun-bae’s death.

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