Picasso’s works, including ‘Massacre en Corée’ arrives in Korea

Picasso Pablo (dit), Ruiz Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Paris, musée national Picasso - Paris. MP203.

Pablo Picasso, Massacre in Korea, 1951, oil painting on plywoodⓒ 2021-Succession Pablo Picasso-SACK (Korea)

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Picasso’s exhibitions, including “Massacre in Korea(Massacre en Corée)”, have arrived in Korea. The largest volume of works in a single exhibition, worth KRW 2 trillion and a total of 25 tons, has been airlifted to four Korean Air planes.

“Massacre en Corée”, the biggest topic of the “Special Exhibition to Celebrate the 140th Anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s Birth,” a master of cubist painting, stepped on Korean soil.

“The 110 works of the Paris National Picaso Museum, which will be exhibited this time, have been on display for four days,” said Bichae Art Museum (Director Jeon Soo-mi), which hosts the exhibition on the 27th.
The works were cleared at Incheon International Airport on the 16th, 20th and 22nd, and “The Massacre in Korea” arrived at the airport around 7 p.m. on the 23rd, the last day, and is being installed at the Hangaram Museum of Art at the Seoul Arts Center.

This is the first time that a single exhibition has been airlifted with a huge volume of 25 tons of authentic works. Picasso’s special exhibition came through Incheon International Airport four times, with two Korean Air cargo planes and two passenger planes.

According to the organizers, the transportation of paintings at the exhibition was difficult due to COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection), but with the cooperation and support of Korean Air, it was able to arrive safely at the scheduled time.

What caught the eye in this film’s airlift was the crate box containing the work. It is specially made with triple shields, which can completely protect the work from impact and temperature changes during transportation, organizers said.

The price (evaluation) of 110 works exhibited at the Picasso Special Exhibition amounted to 2 trillion won, the highest ever exhibition. More than 110 Picasso works, including oil paintings, engravings and ceramics, will be flown to Seoul to meet Korean audiences at the National Picasso Museum of Art in Paris, France, which houses the largest collection of Picasso’s masterpieces.

“In addition to Picasso’s ‘Massacre in Korea’ and 80 billion won worth of ‘Portrait of Marie Theresa’, early works valued at rare value, a series of Blar prints and ceramics alone are estimated to be worth 2 trillion won,” the Bichae Art Museum said. “The total amount of insurance evaluation in exhibition works is also expected to be 900 billion won, the highest level ever.”

The Picasso Special Exhibition will be held from May 1 to August 29 at the Hangaram Museum of Art at the Seoul Arts Center. “The Massacre in Korea” is known to have started Picasso’s idea to express his willingness to reverse the Korean War, which broke out on June 25, 1950, and the development of the Soviet atomic bomb in July of that year. Picasso conceived the work shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War and completed it in January 1951, and announced it at the Salon de Mai in Paris in May that year.

“The Massacre in Korea” will have a historic exhibition on Korean soil, the stage of the work, exactly 70 years after it was introduced to the world. “The Massacre in Korea,” in which the national title of Korea is considered the only painting used in the title of the art master, is the biggest topic of the Picasso exhibition, drawing attention from many art lovers.

The special exhibition covers Picasso’s works from his youth in his 20s to his later 80s, when his artistic work was vigorous, so that he can see all 70 years of Picasso’s art in one place. There are seven sections related to this, followed by the chronicle of the Art Revolution, the Restoration of Order, Volar Engraving, New Challenge Pottery, Picasso’s Lovers, War and Peace, and Final Enthusiasm.

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