Kwon Hyuk-soo’s mother, a heart sent to the ‘Dreaming Radio’ team

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kwon Hyuk-soo’s mother sent a gift to the ‘Dreaming Radio’ team, which was damaged by her son’s confirmation of COVID-19.

MBC FM4U ‘Jeon Hyo-sung’s Dreaming Radio’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dreaming Radio’) posted a photo on the official SNS with a post titled, “Surprise courier arriving in front of ‘Dreaming Radio'” on the 28th.

The photo contains a letter and a carnation corsage. ‘Dreaming Radio’ side added, “A heartfelt gift and letter sent by Mr. Kwon Hyuk-soo’s mother. My nose is frowned… Like a mother’s heart, everyone’s health and well-being. I wish Kwon Hyuk-soo’s quick recovery.”

In a letter, Kwon Hyuk-soo’s mother said, “My son unintentionally caused trouble,” and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sending a hand-knitted carnation. As soon as I heard the news, the staff and the people who appeared together were the first to worry.”

She added, “I worked on it all year by year, wishing for the well-being of everyone as well as my son. I sincerely hope that everyone will return safely and there will be no disruptions in the broadcast.”

On the 22nd, Kwon Hyeok-soo announced that he had been confirmed for COVID-19. As a result, it took a secret from ‘Dreaming Radio’, which is appearing as a fixed guest. DJ Jeon Hyosung’s production crew was tested for COVID-19. Jeon Hyo-sung was judged negative and went into self-quarantine until May 3, following the guidelines of the quarantine authorities. ⠀

Photo| ‘Dream Up’ SNS
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