‘Law of the Jungle’ ends the domestic season… has time to reorganize [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

It takes a moment to reorganize until the ‘Law of the Jungle’ ends the domestic season and returns to the overseas season.

Until now, SBS entertainment program ‘Law of the Jungle’ has traveled all over the world in jungles, giving viewers thrilling laughter and the impression of nature, but due to the novel coronavirus infection that has spread since the beginning of last year, ‘Law of the Jungle-Coron’ After the episode, it received attention by showing the first domestic season in history.

Despite the difficult situation of COVID-19, the domestic season of ‘Law of the Jungle’ presented new fun by introducing various concepts based on the nature of the Korean Peninsula, which only Korea has. Starting with ‘Wild Korea’, which gained sympathy from everyone with the motif of a disaster that everyone can experience, ‘Chief and granny’, Hunter and Chef’, which delighted the eyes and ears by introducing the ingredients of our nature, is the first in Korean entertainment. ‘Ulleungdo, Dokdo’, which revealed the underwater exploration scene of Dokdo, elicited great sympathy every season, and recently, it has been loved by viewers as it exceeded the highest rating of 10% in Bundang.

In the domestic season of ‘Law of the Jungle’, the filming was carried out while thoroughly complying with the quarantine regulations while the Corona 19 situation persisted, but it was judged that it was difficult to sufficiently capture the activities of satisfaction in the nature pursued by the ‘Law of the Jungle’. It was decided to finish the season.

‘Law of the Jungle’ decided to have time to reorganize with the overseas season in mind, on the premise that the situation of COVID-19 at home and abroad will improve in the future and a safe shooting environment will be created for it.

‘law of the jungle’ The final broadcast date of the domestic season has not been decided yet, and from the 17th, the Jeju episode ‘Law of the Jungle-Spring’ is meeting viewers.


‘rule of the jungle’. Photo lSBS

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