Lee Cheong-ah expressed her expectation to ‘Daebak Real Estate’, as Jang Nara promoted

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jang Na-ra released a still photo to encourage viewers to watch the KBS drama “Daebak Real Estate.”

Jang Na-ra said on her Instagram on the 28th, “#DaebakReal Estate #President Hong #Ji-ah #JangNara #Tonight #9.30pm #I’ll be waiting for you. Real estate is a mega-hit real estate #official steal photo” and released the photo.

In the photo, Jang Na-ra was staring at someone wearing all-black clothes and dark makeup, drawing curiosity. I felt an unexpected charm in charisma, which is different from my usual cute appearance.

Actor Lee Chung-ah said, “We’ll wait for you, Ms. Hong.”❤” showed off her friendship with Jang Na-ra. Lee Cheong-ah and Jang Na-ra worked together in the SBS drama “VIP” to build friendships.


Photo l Jang Nara SNS

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