‘Love Naggers 3’ Boyfriend from a prestigious university, forced his girlfriend to study, even nosebleed…Kim Sook “That’s awful”

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Sook was angry as she grabbed the back of the story.

KBS Joy’s entertainment program “Love Naggers Season 3,” which aired on the 27th, featured a story of a girlfriend who was troubled by her boyfriend from a prestigious university who constantly forced her to study.

When she said she wanted to go on a trip, her boyfriend got angry saying that going on a trip now is not helpful in life, and she forced her to cancel the trip, saying it was more efficient to study language at that time. Also, he went to a group of friends and hid his girlfriend’s educational background and ignored her.

The troubled woman said she couldn’t even rest properly when she was sick.
Her boyfriend said that she has to study even if she is sick because she misses her study pace. She even had a nosebleed. “I can’t fit my boyfriend anymore,” she said.

MC Kim Sook said, “I can’t stand it. That’s awful. These days, teachers don’t do that either.” Han Hye-jin shook her head in agreement.


Photo|Capture of KBS Joy Broadcasting Screen

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