‘Navillera’ averages 3.7% of its own highest ratings…The great ending

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tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” comforted the twilight and youth who are living the present fiercely and proudly, giving a happy ending. In particular, the perfect ending of Park In-hwan and Song Kang flying together created a beautiful drama.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” (directed/written by Lee Eun-mi/produced by Studio Dragon, The Great Show) ended on the 27th after the 12th episode. Director Han Dong-hwa’s warm and delicate production, a script with deep insight into Lee Eun-mi’s life, and “Navilera,” which was praised for its excellent performance by viewers in every episode, was impressed by the small screen and received the best praise as “well-made drama” and “life drama.”

As a result, the 12th episode recorded an average of 4.0% up to 5.3% based on the metropolitan area, 3.7%, and 4.8% based on the nation, breaking its own highest ratings. In addition, tvN’s target audience ratings of men and women averaged 1.5% and up to 2.2% based on the metropolitan area, 1.8% and up to 2.6%, ranking first in the same time slot, including cable and television. (Provided by Nielsen Korea)

The final episode of “Navillera” was deeply moved by Deok-chul and Chae-rok’s wings, who flew together on the dream stage like Deok-chul (Park In-hwan)’s cry, “Did you fly up?” Especially when Deok-chul tried to give up his performance due to Alzheimer’s, Chae-rok said, “I promised you, grandpa. I won’t let go of my grandfather’s hand anymore. Grandpa, even if it’s not perfect, he remembers everything about his body. “Trust me and do it until the end,” he encouraged viewers. Chae-rok’s perfect trust made her dream of twilight youth by perfecting her two favorite and most wanted “Swan Lake.” Especially in the second half of the play, “Deok-chul, I hope you won’t forget this even if you lose all your memories later on. Shim Deok-chul The epilogue scene, which sends him a video letter saying, “Don’t forget that you had a dream,” left a deep impression on the “second Shim Deok-chul,” who took the first step to achieve his deep-seated dream.

As such, tvN’s “Navillera” was evaluated as a “well-made healing drama” based on widespread support from viewers of all ages. Viewers’ enthusiasm for the work beyond the ratings stood out more than any other work, and various social media and community bulletin boards praised him for his acting, “Grandpa is like a real dream,” “Grandpa Deok-chul is a good adult until the end,” “Park In-hwan’s sweat glands,” and “Song Kang Ballet Real Visual Shock.” In response, I pointed out what Navillera left behind.

#1 Park In-hwan – Na Moon-hee’s passionate acting and Song Kang in full bloom.

At the center of Nabilera’s touching was the passionate performance of “National Actors” Park In-hwan and Na Moon-hee. Park In-hwan played “Deokchul,” who took on the final challenge of his life to achieve his dream of ballet that he had in his heart since he was 70 years old. Park In-hwan, who carefully mimicked ballet from afar, realized his realistic passionate performance and belatedly blossomed dreams, giving echoes to the elderly. Na Moon-hee was half-conscious about her husband’s ballet challenge in the early stages, but after taking a peek at his sincerity toward ballet, she spared no support so that he could fly up. In particular, when her husband tried to give up his dream due to Alzheimer’s, she gave him another impression as a wife who encouraged him not to lose. Song Kang, which was in full bloom with “Chae-rok,” instilled courage and hope in young people who faced the wall of reality. In particular, he impressed Deok-chul as a ballet teacher who stood by and led him so that he could fly to the end. As a result, he grew from a ballet prospect who was frequently injured and mannered to a true teacher who whipped and encouraged him to fulfill his dream of becoming a seventy-year-old student, and viewers responded with applause to Song Kang and his character, Lee Chae-rok.

#2. Evolution of growth drama, flapping toward dreams → consolation & courage

“Navillera” contains the worries of twilight youth, which have not been highlighted in dramas. The courage of Deok-chul, who had always given up his dream against the wall of reality, and the flapping wings of challenging his dream gave viewers deep sympathy and proved that age is just a number. The accompanying growth of the priest duo also showed the evolution of the growth drama. Deok-chul gave advice to Chae-rok, who is constantly in conflict with ballet in front of reality, as a life teacher, broadening his eyes on the world and laying the foundation for external and internal growth. Chae-rok grew up to be a true ballerino, keeping the excitement of learning ballet for the first time. In addition, whenever Deok-chul tried to give up ballet, Chae-rok constantly reflected on “Grandpa’s Favorite” and “Grandpa’s Favorite Works” and helped her by her side. When we were together, we were able to become more reliable and become true partners who filled each other’s shortcomings.

#3. Great lines poured out every time + great scenes, production that maximizes emotions + OST

When it comes to “Navillera,” it is a famous line that runs through life. “I’ve never done anything I want to do. I’m finally trying to do what I want to do. I know it well. I still want to do that I’m an old and powerless old man. “I want to start at least once because I can lose.” (Episode 1) “Life is only once in my life. There’s no more. To be honest, I’m not afraid of the opposite. I can’t do scary things even if I want to, or I don’t even remember what I wanted to do. So this time is precious to me. Not to hesitate when I can. Famous lines such as “(3 times), “There’s Next, Chae-rok(7 times), and “I didn’t take a day off so that Chae-rok remembers as you said,”(10 times), and “Did you fly?”(12 times) made my heart flutter. On top of that, director Han Dong-hwa’s directing and OST maximized the sensibility of “Navillera.” Director Han Dong-hwa’s subtlety stood out in scenes containing the chemistry of the ballet priest duo, including the scene where Deok-chul fell into ecstasy (1st episode) and Chae-rok’s street solo dance (8th episode) to revive Deok-chul’s lost memory under the fluttering attic. Singing songs such as SHINee Taemin’s sweet vocals and warm sensibilities, “My Day,” Sohyang’s dark tone and perfect singing ability, “Beautiful Words,” and Ha Hyun-sang’s “Heal You” raised the consensus. In particular, in the seventh episode, Choi Baek-ho’s panoramic ending, which looks back on Deok-chul’s 70-year life, reminded viewers of the meaning of life and maximized the impression of “Navillera.”

#4. Reality, the driving force behind empathy, the passionate performance of all the actors who were perfect.

The actors’ passionate performance, which immerse themselves in realistic family stories, was the driving force behind empathy. Thanks to the actors who delicately pointed out each character’s feelings and expressed their wounds and pain, they were able to synchronize viewers with the feelings of their families who would be more influential. Jung Hae-kyun deeply depicted his father’s love for his life defender after learning his father’s Alzheimer’s like a confession that he opposed his father’s ballet dream more than anyone else because of the heavy burden of being the breadwinner.

Kim Soo-jin and Jung Hee-tae showed their filial piety, saying, “If my father loses his words, I will teach him words, and if my father loses his writing, I will teach him Hangul,” making viewers cry. Cho Bok-rae also overcame the trauma of his past and achieved growth in his mind after seeing his father who never stopped challenging despite Alzheimer’s. Hong Seung-hee added reality to the play with the fresh synergy of actors who perfectly melted into each character, acting enthusiastically as Eun-ho, a beginner in society, and cheering and comforting young people.

Meanwhile, tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” is about the growth of “Deok-chul,” who started ballet at age 70, and “Chae-rok,” a ballerino wandering in front of his 23-year-old dream. Navillera ended its 12th episode on Tuesday.



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