‘Revolutionary Sisters’ Hong Eun-hee, Jeon Hye-bin, Go Won-hee, Kim Gyeong-nam, acting poten famous

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“Revolutionary Sisters”, Hong Eun-hee, Jeon Hye-bin, Ko Won-hee and Kim Kyung-nam, are properly fascinating the small screen by creating a famous scene with their different “crazy acting skills.”

KBS2’s weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” (written by Moon Young-nam, directed by Lee Jin-seo, produced by Green Snake Media, and Fan Entertainment) is a “mystery thriller melodramatic home drama” that begins with the murder of a mother during her parents’ divorce suit. The 12th episode, which aired on the 25th, broke its own highest ratings with Nielsen Korea’s first part, 24.2% part, 27.7%, imprinted that it was the “Weekend Drama Throne” by firmly topping the ratings throughout all programs aired on the day.

Above all, detailed masterpieces by actors who capture characters with various stories, such as “Revolutionary Sisters”, Lee Kwang-nam (Hong Eun-hee), Lee Kwang-sik (Jeon Hye-bin), Lee Kwang-tae (Go Won-hee), and Han Ye-seul (Kim Gyeong-nam), are drawing positive responses.

In this regard, it summarized the moments when Hong Eun-hee, Jeon Hye-bin, Ko Won-hee and Kim Kyung-nam, who are increasing the perfection of “Revolutionary Sisters” and increasing the immersion of viewers.

◆ ‘Detailed acting skills’ #Hong Eun-hee – a embrace of betrayal, anguish, sadness and anger

Hong Eun-hee is drawing rave reviews for expressing Lee Kwang-nam, who is devastated by the fact that her husband, who has been happily married for 15 years, has a child out of wedlock. The story depicts Lee Kwang-nam’s dangerous emotional narrative that changes every minute by pouring out his anger at lawyer Bae (Choi Dae-cheol) in betrayal of his husband, and then collapsing and wailing sadly. In the 11th episode, Lee Kwang-nam said, “It’s very, very hard,” hugging her husband’s bowel defense, who brings her home drunk and puts her in bed. How can you say it’s fake when everyone envied you for 15 years of marriage. “Why are you making me so miserable? Hong Eun-hee’s performance, which burst sadly with pain, sadness, anger, and love in the appearance of her still sweet and caring husband, even stimulated viewers’ tear glands.

◆ ‘Detailed acting skills’ #Jeon Hye-bin – Tears of overcoming the weight of life that I had thought of at worst

Unlike the first Lee Kwang-nam, Jeon Hye-bin is receiving positive reviews for her role as Lee Kwang-sik, who firmly and proudly paved her way despite the discrimination of her mother who treated her as an emotional trash can. The seventh episode showed Lee Kwang-sik, who quit his government job and went abroad to reveal what was going on and returned after a year. Recalling the unbearable pain and hardships of her sudden mother’s death and her husband’s wish on paper, Lee Kwang-sik calmly uttered with empty eyes when he even thought of death, “I left to die.” Then, he told his father, Lee Cheol-soo (Yoon Joo-sang), “I met the dawn in a desert and my mind suddenly became speechless. I’m not afraid to live anymore. “I’m not afraid to die,” he said, drawing a sad impression with his passionate performance that captures the inner changes that he has overcome the pain of life and dissolved in tears.

◆ ‘Detailed acting skills’ #Go Won-hee – Punishment of ‘flying’ with unique cheerful and cheerful energy

Go Won-hee captivates viewers by portraying Lee Kwang-tae, who makes a living as a part-timer but lives with her own philosophy such as non-marriage, Yolo, and Little Happiniess in her daily life with her easy-going yet lively charm. While going on a different path from others, he burst his unique energy without being discouraged, and showed Lee Kwang-tae (Jeong Se-hwan), who was struggling with a dump, with his hot acting, giving a pleasant energy. In the fifth episode, Lee Kwang-tae visited Lee Kwang-sik, who opened the restaurant, and threw a determined flying kick at Na Pyeon-seung (Son Woo-hyun), causing laughter. Go Won-hee’s acting, which expresses Lee Kwang-tae, who is simple and straightforward, is generating endorphins in the right place for “Revolutionary Sisters”.

◆ ‘Detailed acting skills’ #Kim Gyeong-nam – Furious charisma toward a mean older brother who ignores his father

Kim Gyeong-nam is proving his dense acting skills as Han Ye-seul, who hates his father, Han Dol-se (Lee Byung-joon), who only puts everything into his brother and is anxious to acknowledge him.

In particular, Han Ye-seul, who takes care of her father and worries about him while making excuses of her mother’s will, was saddened by her tears when her father was imprisoned for murder. In the 12th episode, Han Ye-seul visited her brother Han Bae-seul (Lee Chang-wook) to save her father’s lawyer’s money, but threw her fist in anger at her brother who criticized and ignored Handolse. Kim Gyeong-nam’s passionate performance, which revived Han Ye-seul’s cool charisma, which even his sick mother said, “My father is my father, whether it’s a fraud or a murderer,” gave viewers a gloomy impression.

The production team said, “Not only Hong Eun-hee, Jeon Hye-bin, Go Won-hee and Kim Gyeong-nam, but all the actors’ solid acting skills are making each character breathe alive. Please wait and see what the story of Revolutionary Sisters, who are creating synergy, will unfold in the future.”

The 13th episode of “Revolutionary Sisterss” will air at 7:55 p.m. on May 1.


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