Hongja “I want to reunite, duet with Lim Young-woong, who cheered me when I was unknown”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Hongja said she wants to do a duet with Lim Young-woong.

On the 29th at 1:30 pm, Hongja opened a showcase for the release of her second mini-album ‘Soju Cup’ through the YouTube channel and released a new song.

Hongja made her face by taking third place in the TV Chosun trot audition program ‘Miss Trot’, which was broadcast in 2019. When asked if he saw ‘Miss Trot 2’, which ended last March, she said, “Of course I did. I was touched and thankful for decorating such a wonderful stage. I supported hard because there were many people who went on stage after suffering a lot.”

When asked if there was anyone who wanted to decorate the stage together, Hongja said, “It’s all so good, but I thought about how to decorate the stage with Kim Tae-yeon. Wouldn’t you like to act and immerse yourself in the stage? I wonder if it can be done.”

Hongja recently appeared on the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ and met with the members of ‘Mr. Trot’. She said, “I was talking behind the scenes when I was unknown to Lim. When we met again, I said that it was so good to be able to be together in such a wonderful place. We were cheering for each other, but we were happy to meet each other. If there is a chance, we can do a duet together. I hope there will be,” shining eyes.

On the other hand, Hongja’s title song ‘Glass of Tears’ is a song that adds a ballad feel to the classic trot style. did. Released at 6 p.m. that day.


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