Studio & New signs long-term content partnership with Disney

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Studio & New (CEO Jang Kyung-ik), an affiliate of the media group NEW’s content production business, signed a long-term content partnership with Disney and announced that it will continue to present content produced by Studio & New through Disney+.

Studio & New will continue to showcase its original series and contents for the next five years through a long-term content partnership with Disney. In the future, the two companies will work together to showcase more than one variety of works each year through Disney+.

The partnership between the two companies focuses on developing content that will captivate viewers not only in Korea but around the world from a long-term perspective, not on a contract for individual works.
Studio & New will add strength to new genre attempts and large-scale tent pole content over the next five years.

As such, the long-term partnership between Studio & New and Disney is expected to serve as an opportunity for a new leap forward in the global entertainment industry, where the influence and status of Korean content will increase further.

Jang Kyung-ik, CEO of Studio & New, said, “Fans around the world are looking forward to the interest and response of Studio & New’s works to be introduced through Disney+, a global content company. “We will continue to introduce K-content armed with various materials and story lines to the global market and become a global studio that continues to collaborate with the platform,” he said, explaining the meaning of the partnership.
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