‘Welcome. First Time in Korea?’ Captain Eom Hong-gil “A former UDT special soldier, swim to Dokdo from Gyeongju

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Captain Eom Hong-gil confesses that he was a former UDT special forces officer.

MBC Everyone’s entertainment program “Welcome. First Time in Korea?” which airs at 8:30 p.m. today (29th), stars James Hooper, an eight-year British explorer, and Eom Hong-gil, a mountaineer and legend, as special guests.

On this day, the studio met with British explorer James Hooper, a mountain legend and Captain Eom Hong-gil, who achieved the world’s first milestone of 16 Himalayan lights in 8,000 meters.

James said, “People everywhere asked me if I had met Um Hong-gil, and it’s an honor to meet him this time,” expressing his feelings of meeting Eom Hong-gil, a legend in the mountain world. Eom Hong-gil also praised James, saying, “It is great to climb Everest at a young age.”

Captain Eom Hong-gil’s unique history as a former UDT also drew attention. The past is by Alpinist Eom Hong-gil udt to Dokdo in the race for six days when swimming in the sea between anecdotes and public. The cast was surprised that he had conquered not only the mountains but also the sea, and MC DinDin asked which was harder, climbing the Himalayas or swimming in the sea for five nights and six days. Rumor has it that Eom Hong-gil turned the studio into a sea of laughter by showing embarrassment in reality by expressing disapproval of DinDin’s question.

Mountain legend Eom Hong-gil and explorer James Hooper met at 8:30 p.m. today (29th), in MBC Everyone’s ‘Welcome. First Time in Korea?’


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