EDEL REINKLANG, the biggest beneficiary of the ‘Phantom Singer All-Star’, the anticipated second act

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[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

EDEL REINKLANG (Kim Dong-hyun, Ahn Se-kwon, Lee Chung-ju, Cho Hyeong-gyun) emerged as the biggest beneficiary of the’Phantom Singer All-Star Game’.

At the recently ended JTBC’s ‘Phantom Singer All-Star’, EDEL REINKLANG showed off the stage of the past with a desperate heart to start, and every time it brought excitement and thrill, it drew praise.

In particular, on the stage of the 6th game, after competing with the competing teams, he won the championship with an overwhelming score, proving his ability to fight for good and bad again. Let’s take a look at the legend stage of the’All-Star Game’ presented by EDEL REINKLANG.

Photo ㅣJTBC’Phantom Singer All-Star’ broadcast scene

Park Jung-hyun ‘lost’… Ahn Se-kwon “The way we united again was like the protagonist in the song.”

EDEL REINKLANG presented a song stage that had never been shown before on the stage of the first game.

Before the first stage, they revealed through interviews that they had rarely had a chance to get together because they were working in their respective positions, and said that they reunited through the All-Star game as if they were the protagonists in Park Jung-hyun’s famous song “Mia”.

Ethel Rheinclang created a unique and emotional harmony that made both the on-site cheering group and the home cheering group a sea of tears and shed tears.

After appreciating this stage, K.Will said, “As a singer, there are times when I am overwhelmed by singing a song. As I listened to it, I was also crying.”

Mariya Sheripovich ‘Molitva’… Jo Hyeong-gyun “I wanted to sing a song with a heart for the injured Chungju”

The second game stage is literally a’shocking’ live performance, so Mariya Sheripovich’s’Molitva’ stage is the main character.

Lee Choong-ju, who injured his arm in an accident during the practice period, unfolded an injured fight and presented a fantastic stage with the members to the bedroom.

In particular, they showed sincerity by adding efforts to decorate the stage as the original song without altering the song, and the judges and the competition team cheered with standing ovation on their grand harmony.

Promise Nine member Park Gyu-ri left the words “outrageous” when the stage was over.

Song Chang-sik ‘Tobacco Shop Lady’… Jeon Hyun-moo “I think it was the most unprecedented stage in all seasons of Phantom Singer.”

Song Chang-sik’s ‘Cigarette Shop Lady’ is the song that helped EDEL REINKLANG to take the throne at the end of the 5th and 6th season by renewing the all-star all-time high.

While they decorate the stage with one musical, members Ahn Se-kwon and Kim Dong-hyun challenged the musical for the first time to show off their cute acting, so it was a stage in history where we could check the musical spectrum of EDEL REINKLANG, which goes beyond the limits of the genre.

The four used various stage devices such as narration, pelvic dance, and acting to express differently so that someone could easily enjoy the crossover genre, which may be a little hard, and finally ascend to the throne.

MC Jeon Hyun-moo, who saw the stage, said, “I think it was the most unconventional stage in all the stages of Phantom Singer.”

In addition, EDEL REINKLANG selected Shin Seung-hoon,’You are only a little higher than me’, and God ‘Ordinary Day’ to become the official phantom singer ‘farewell song craftsman’, making them look forward to future activities.

In addition, ‘Molitva’, whichEDEL REINKLANG showed in the second game, received rave reviews from the original songwriter Mariya Sheripovich as the best cover. After that, it made a big sensation in Serbia, and there was a request for interviews from local broadcasters and media companies.

In particular, the stage was officially articleized through the Serbian embassy, and the original songwriter suggested a love call to “let’s sing ‘Molitva’ together at the concert stage in the future.”

“I think it gave me the power to rise again and the enthusiasm. Through this, we made a leap again and the stiffness inside us got better, so no matter what the situation is, we will start and we will walk hard, so please join us with our steps.”

Like the words EDEL REINKLANG left in the interview, expectations are high for the wonderful steps they will take.


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