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Jeong Dong-won. Provided|New Era Project

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jeong Dong-won released an additional official photo ahead of his comeback.

Jeong Dong-won released the second official photo of the new digital single ‘The Best in My Heart’ on the official SNS at noon on the 30th.

In the released photo, Jeong Dong-won caught the eye with a dandy and warm visual by matching a shirt with a baby perm. Jeong Dong-won, who naturally poses with a humorous expression under red lighting, stimulated the fan spirit with a mature appearance.

In another photo, Jeong Dong-won showed a different atmosphere with a naval feeling full of boyhood. Jeong Dong-won, who has the feeling of the spring season intact with a lemon-colored jumpsuit, gives energy that makes you feel better just by looking at it, and raises the expectation for the new song ‘The Best in My Heart’.

The new song ‘The Best in My Heart’ is a song that stands out with Jeong Dong-won’s own cheerful charm and is expected to inspire listeners with joyful vitality. Jeong Dong-won, who has been steadily growing musically with the popularity of the public as a ‘national trot prodigy’, is predicting the unrivaled charm of ‘Teen Trot’ through ‘The Best in My Heart’.

Meanwhile, Jeong Dong-won’s new digital single ‘The Best in My Heart’ will be released on the online music site before 6 pm on May 5th.

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