Police launch investigation on Park Na-rae’s sexual harassment controversy

Narae Park. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Na-rae (36), who caused controversy over sexual harassment on YouTube entertainment, will be questioned by police. Park Na-rae said she will faithfully participate in the investigation.

Gangbuk Police Station in Seoul recently launched an investigation after receiving a complaint related to Park Na-rae’s “sexual harassment controversy.” It is a complaint against sexual harassment that occurred in the YouTube EP.2 uploaded on the 23rd of last month. The police reportedly plan to investigate whether Park Na-rae’s video was deleted from YouTube, but whether such behavior was a crime.

In response, Park Na-rae’s agency JDB Entertainment told Maeil Business Star Today on the 30th, “We are aware of the fact that the police are investigating. We will faithfully respond to the police request. Once again, we are sorry to have troubled you.”

Not only Park Na-rae but also the production team of “Hey Narae” are subject to police investigation. An official from “Hey Narae” said, “The details are also under investigation, so it is difficult to tell you specifically. However, we will sincerely cooperate with the investigation.”

Park Na-rae is going to be the latest toy experience of ‘Hey Narae EP.2’ released on YouTube last month. But now, with sashimi…The video, titled ‘, has been embroiled in controversy for portraying sexual harassment while touching a male doll.

In the video, Park Na-rae touched the doll and made high-level remarks such as “Isn’t it too far behind T” and “Oh, I thought it was there?” and even pushed her arm toward the doll’s groin. As the production team blurred the scene, it was embroiled in a controversy over sexual harassment as it failed to thoroughly “control the level” with subtitles such as “39 gold bad hands unaffordable level control.”

As the controversy grew, Park Na-rae, YouTuber Hey Gini and the production team of “Hey Narae” all apologized and the program was abolished. Park Na-rae, the main party to the controversy, repeatedly bowed her head in a self-written apology after expressing her intention to drop out of the program through her agency.

“I’m sorry for causing inconvenience to many people with inappropriate videos on the web entertainment ‘Hey Narae’. “As a broadcaster and public figure, it was my responsibility and duty to thoroughly check and properly express my plans, characters, acting, and props, and I was disappointed by many people with my poor coping skills,” the agency said.

Park Na-rae said, “I’ve been loved beyond my means, and I’m sorry to many people who believed in me and supported me. From now on, I will try to become Park Na-rae who thinks deeply about every word and every action. “I apologize once again for causing you so much trouble until late at night,” he repeatedly bowed his head.

The controversy did not subside easily, but Park Na-rae continued her previous program activities such as MBC’s “I Live Alone,” “Video Star,” and tvN’s “New Theorem.”


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