Son Seok-gu renews the contract, continues the relationship with Saetbyuldang Entertainment [Official]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Son Seok-gu signed a renewal contract with Saetbyuldang Entertainment and announced more active activities.

Sohn Seok-gu, who appeared in front of the public like a comet while appearing in the Netflix original series ‘Sense 8’, meets Saetbyuldang Entertainment and meets the dramas ‘Mother’, ‘Suits’, ‘Designated Survivor: 60 Days’, ‘Melo Is My Nature’, ‘DP’, etc. He appeared in a number of films in succession and succeeded in making his name known as an actor within a short period of time. In particular, the movie ‘Criminal City 2’was put on the title roll, establishing itself as the trend of Chungmuro.

Not only that, but he is constantly receiving love calls from the big works currently being produced in Korea, becoming an actor whom most directors want to cast.

Lee Han-rim, CEO of Saetbyuldang Entertainment, who recognized Son Seok-gu’s talent early, said, “Actor Son Seok-gu is a genius artist with unique acting and unstructured expression. We will not spare it, and we will continue to work hard to become a partner who thinks about the character together in order to meet the expectations of the public as a good actor.”

Meanwhile, actor Sohn Seok-gu is about to release the movie ‘Criminal City 2’and the Netflix original series ‘DP’.

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