Will Pengsoo collaborates with 2PM Junho’s House… “How many minutes did you wait for Junho?”

Pengsoo and Junho. Photo| Pengsoo SNS

Giant Peng TV’ trailer. Photo|Capture YouTube Giant Peng TV

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

EBS popular creator Pengsoo has released a friendly two-shot with group 2PM’s Junho, adding to expectations.

On the 30th, Pengsoo voted on his Instagram story, “How many minutes did he wait for Junho?” The answer is 10 minutes, which can be found through the video “I’m a Bathing Penguin,” which was released on YouTube channel “Giant Peng TV” on the 23rd.

Pengsoo announced his meeting with 2PM’s Junho. Pengsoo waited for Junho and said, “It’s been 10 minutes, why aren’t you coming? “This is it,” he said.
Jun-ho, who appeared in the movie, asked the production team, saying, “Please make it fun.”

When Pengsoo performed the Sangmo-spinning dance of 2PM’s song “My House” in the practice room, Junho burst into laughter and said, “I really want everyone to be on the show. It’s so fun. “Really,” he said. Junho then reached out to Pengsoo and said, “Let’s go to my house.”

Meanwhile, the meeting between Pengsoo and 2PM Jun-ho will be unveiled at 8 p.m. on the 1st.

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