K-horror ‘Ghost Story’ Casting [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Fresh faces such as Kim Do-yoon, Seo Ji-soo, Arin, and Ju Hak Nyeon gathered together with the horror movie ‘Ghost Story’.

On the 3rd, production company Johnny Bros and Megabox JoongAng PlusM said, “The movie ‘Ghost Story’ (tentative title, director Hong Won-gi) cranked up on April 29th.”

‘Ghost Story’ is produced in the form of short-form (short video) 10 episodes. Spaces and floor noise familiar to us such as apartments, tunnels, room escape cafes, schools, dentists, and companies, used furniture, mannequins, and SNS It is expected to present a vivid everyday horror centering on materials that can be easily accessed like this.

‘Ghost Story’ is with Kim Do-yoon, Bong Jae-hyun, Oh Ryung, Lee Soo-min, Lee Yeol-eum, Lee Young-jin, Lee Ho-won, Won-Chang Won, Lovelyz Seo Ji-soo, WJSN Seol-A and Exy, Monsta X Shownu, Oh My Girl Arin, Alexa, B2B Lee Min-hyuk, and The Boyz Ju Hak Nyeon.

The director of ‘Ghost Story’ is directed by Hong Won-ki, who directed the music videos of Korea’s leading musicians who are causing the K-pop craze around the world, including BTS and EXO. It is co-produced by Johnny Bros and Megabox JoongAng PlusM.


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