Kim Yoon-ah, Participated in Studio Ghibli’s First Korean Theme Song

Yuna Kim. Provided|Interpark Entertainment

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Yoon-ah has been selected for Studio Ghibli’s first official Korean theme song.

Kim Yoon-ah will participate in the dubbing and theme song of Studio Ghibli’s new animation “Earwig and the Witch”, which will be released in June.

Kim Yoon-ah, who sang the first Korean theme song in Studio Ghibli’s history, showed her passion to change the theme song herself. “I’m such a big fan that I have all the works of Studio Ghibli.

In particular, it is all the more glorious to hear that producing theme songs in Korean is the first time in Studio Ghibli’s film history. I feel like I’ve become a true successful fan. “You can look forward to it.

“Don’t Disturb Me,” the main theme song of the animation “Earwig and the Witch”, sung by Kim Yoon-ah, boasts a cheerful melody in the style of British program Seabrock and Glamrock in the 6th and 70s, which make the characters feel confident and unflinching.

Kim Yoon-ah not only sings the main theme song but also tries her first voice acting since her debut, showing her versatile side. She played the role of the mysterious red-haired witch in the drama, perfectly digesting it, and doubled the charm of the character with Kim Yoon-ah’s unique voice.

“Earwig and the Witch” is based on the novel “Earwig and the Witch,” which is known to have been read five times at first sight by Hayao Miyazaki, a world-renowned animation master. Studio Ghibli’s first challenge to FULL 3D CG is expected to attract audiences with fresh characters that have not been seen in existing Studio Ghibli works, ranging from aspiring witch Aya to mysterious wizard to talking cat Thomas.

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