Lee Young-jin’s first stills of ‘A goal came up’…Kim Hwan-hee and mother-daughter breathing

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Lee Young-jin’s still was revealed in “A goal came up”.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “A goal came up”, which will premiere on the 19th, will reveal a still cut of Lee Young-jin, who plays the indifferent mother Yumi to her daughter, drawing attention. “A goal came up” is a work about a 19-year-old girl So-hyun (played by Kim Hwan-hee), who planned a “happiness ruining project” to avenge those who made her life unhappy. Lee Young-jin plays Kim Yu-mi, an indifferent mother to her daughter So-hyun, who relies on alcohol and raises her alone in the drama. Yumi, whose alcohol she used to drink to forget the painful reality, is now at a level that even she can’t handle, is a character who belatedly realizes that her life is wrong only after So-hyun disappears one day.

The still cut released today (3rd) draws attention as it features Lee Young-jin, who is completely assimilated into the character of mother Yumi, who is a little different from ordinary mothers who take care of their children gently. A blank expression that seems to have no desire and will for life and a bare face without makeup stimulates curiosity about what kind of wounds and pain she has.

On the other hand, another still with a look full of complaints from her daughter Kim Hwan-hee, who is standing coldly against her mother, is also impressive. The atmosphere alone makes us guess between mothers and daughters who have been cut off from conversation, as well as the relationship between the two, which is the closest family but therefore does not reveal their innermost feelings more easily, comes real and realistic.

In particular, Lee Young-jin said earlier that he sympathized with the subject of the work and the direction of the story. Therefore, the sincere message that will be delivered through the process of changing the relationship between these mothers and daughters in the drama is expected to provide deep sympathy and comfort to many viewers.

In addition, Kim Hwan-hee and Lee Young-jin’s unique mother-daughter chemistry is also expected. Lee Young-jin released a photo with Kim Hwan-hee through her SNS and said, “My beautiful daughter. He left a message saying, ‘Happy like a spring flower’ and created a warm atmosphere. As such, expectations are high on what the story will portray by the two, who are already giving off real “true” mother and daughter chemistry with the atmosphere of the inside and outside the camera and the extreme.

The production team said, “When I saw Lee Young-jin, who appeared as Yumi in the drama during the script reading, I thought there was no more perfect casting than this.”

Even before the filming began, I could feel the love and passion for the character,” he said, sparing rave reviews for the actor. In addition, “The process of changing the relationship between Yumi, Sohyun and mother and daughter in the drama will give warm consolation and sympathy to many viewers.” “We ask for your high expectations and interest.

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “A goal came up” will premiere at 9:20 p.m. on the 19th.


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