‘Miracle’ Park Jung-min x Im Yoon-ah, already two-shot’heart beat’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

I love these two actors. Park Jung-min and Yoon-ah are heralding pleasant breathing with the movie “Miracle.”

The movie “Miracle” depicts the story of Joon-kyung (Park Jung-min) and the people in the neighborhood, whose only goal is to have a simple station in a village where there is no train station.

The still of the movie, which was released on the 3rd, captures the unpredictable challenges of Joon-kyung, a four-dimensional math genius who struggles to set up a train station, and Ra-hee (played by Im Yoon-ah).

In particular, the two shots of Park Jung-min and Im Yoon-ah, who worked together for the first time, stimulate interest.

Unlike the sloppy reality, the still, which shows “Ra-hee,” who sees through the extraordinary nature of Joon-kyung with extraordinary brains at once, evokes curiosity about their future stories.

Steele, who identified Joon-kyung’s only interest, corrects Joon-kyung’s spelling, who sends letters to Cheong Wa Dae several times to set up a train station, and burns enthusiasm together in the classroom to appear in a scholarship quiz, smiles with the eccentricity and innocence of those who continue their four-dimensional ideas to achieve their dreams.

Finally, the still, which shows Ra-hee not neglecting to fill her self-interest by watching a videotape together to get close to Joon-kyung, doubles expectations for fresh chemistry to revitalize the play. Park Jung-min and Lim Yoon-ah’s “Miracle” will be released in June.


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