Park Hae-jin, Romantic Comedy ‘Showtime!’ Selected as a lead actor

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Hae-jin will show off his new charm as a “Sexy Charisma Magician.” It is through the new film “Showtime!”(tentative title).

Actor Park Hae-jin, who won the grand prize for acting as MBC’s “Kkondae Intern” 14 years after his debut last year, has been offered many suggestions to appear in the film, and has confirmed his next film after much consideration.

Park Hae-jin will meet viewers as the main character Cha Cha-woong in the drama “Showtime!” (playwright Ha Yoon-ah / Produced by Samhwa Networks), which is scheduled to be filmed at the end of August.

“Showtime!” advocates a “comic romance ghost collaborative investigation drama” rather than a work featuring the main character who sees ghosts. The story is about Cha Cha-woong, an employer and magician who just deals with ghosts, and working with ghosts who work together based on hidden clues in the accident.

As you can guess from the planning intention of “Comic Romance Ghost Cooperative Investigation Drama,” Park Hae-jin’s unique charm to pioneer another new genre will bring freshness to the small screen early on.

Cha Cha-woong, played by Park Hae-jin in the drama, is a charismatic magician whose cool appearance and colder vitriol are his trademark. He has emerged as a super star in the magic world, crossing the broadcasting and stage with his unique magic skills.

In addition, he has a secret ability to see and talk to ghosts, and unlike conventional characters who were afraid of ghosts, he is capable of manipulating and manipulating ghosts at will.

The story of Cha Cha-woong being caught up in an unexpected incident is expected to stimulate curiosity by focusing viewers’ eyes and ears.

‘Showtime!’ is currently under casting. Broadcasting stations and timing are under discussion.
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