‘Playing Sister’ National Players Physical Fitness Class “76 Sit-Ups 1 Minute”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Playing Sister’, she is the physical king of the older sisters.

The real physical classes of her sisters and rhythmic gymnastics hero Shin Su-ji will be unveiled in the T-cast E-channel entertainment program “Playing Sister” (directed by Bang Hyun-young), which will air at 8:50 p.m. on the 4th, revealing the true colors of the national team.

Last week, the sisters, who met Shin Su-ji, a pioneer of rhythmic gymnastics in Korea, and put their feet in the world of rhythmic gymnastics, completed the Play Sister Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition safely after receiving harsh training like the taste of hell. This time, attention is focused on the fact that Shin Su-ji, who will be tested for “National Physical Strength 100.”

In the meantime, the sisters have experienced various sports such as archery, soccer, baseball, and curling, showing dignity with physical strength and desire to win the national team. In particular, his relentless determination to win is unrivaled, giving him a thrilling thrill in various competitions, including games, every time. Therefore, the team will also compete with pride in the upcoming physical fitness test.

In response, the sisters will check the strength test, muscle endurance, flexibility, agility, and quickness. In particular, it is expected that Hiddink will also conduct a cardiopulmonary endurance test, a training method that he actually conducted.

“I did 76 sit-ups in a minute,” Shin said. “This is the official record of the Taereung National Training Center,” she said. As a result, the sisters closely check each other’s skills and continue their record-breaking procession. In addition, Jeong Yu-in, dubbed “The female version of Ma Dong-seok,” showed surprising figures in muscle strength measurements, which surprised not only the production team but also the officials at the scene.

In addition, the older sisters are not only serious about measuring without laughter, but also showed off their considerable skills as much as they did in active duty, which makes me curious about the physical strength test site of the older sisters who will explode in coolness and desire to win.

The T-cast E-channel “Playing Sister,” which is expected to be the first-class physical strength among the sisters, will air at 8:50 p.m. on the 4th, and will air on Netflix, and you can also see live news of the players on the official Instagram and YouTube E-channel.


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