Hong Jin-kyung’s mother talked about Hong’s school days… “She studied until over midnight”

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Hong Jin-kyung revealed an anecdote from her mythical school days.

Hong Jin-kyung’s family appeared as guests to talk about Hong Jin-kyung’s past in the YouTube entertainment program “Hong Jin-kyung,” which was released on the 3rd.

Hong Jin-kyung’s mother said, “It’s my first time talking about this on the air, but Jin-kyung has never attended an academy properly. As I entered the literature class, I didn’t have time to attend the academy because I was busy writing. She was very expressive at that time. I loved writing so much that I took newspapers to the bathroom. “I was going to make her an announcer or a writer.

In response, Hong Jin-kyung said, “The atmosphere of my house is originally self-praised. Drop it. “I can’t stay here because it’s uncomfortable.

Hong Jin-kyung’s mother then said, “When Jin-kyung worked as a model, she studied until 4 a.m. even when she was tired. Nevertheless, I studied better than my friends. “She had a knack for it,” she praised her daughter.

Hong Jin-kyung could not hide her embarrassment, saying, “Is this why I have such a myth?” Hong Jin-kyung’s mother embarrassed Hong by praising her repeatedly, “Jinkyung was ahead of her time.”

Meanwhile, Hong Jin-kyung has been actively communicating with fans on her YouTube channel “Hong Jin-kyung, a true genius.”


Photo l’Study King Jin-gyeong Hong Jin-kyung’ capture

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