Rookie Lim Young-ju, exclusive contract with SH Media Corp… Filming of the true horror story ‘Piossum’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Lim Young-ju signed up with an agency of Shim Eun-woo, Wang Ji-won, and Lee Ji-hoon.

Recently, Lim Young-ju signed an exclusive contract with SH Media Corp. and announced a second leap forward.

SH Media Corp. is an actor-specialized company where actors such as Kim Ji-young, Kim Hye-ri, Eun-woo Shim, Shim Eun-woo, Wang Ji-won, and Lee Ji-hoon belong.

On the 10th, Lim Young-ju ended the filming of a horror true story, ‘Piossum’, which was cranked on the 10th and is about to be released.

The movie ‘Piossum’ attracted a lot of attention from the production stage with a solid story based on a true story and a different horror. With the background of an ordinary house where people live a day, rather than a banal place such as a haunted house or an abandoned factory of numerous horror objects, the story of ghosts with stories appearing here every night conveys a sense of extreme fear.

In particular, as it is a familiar place that meets ordinary daily life, it will make you feel even more eerie. It is expected that the gloomy atmosphere of a rural night will be added to this, and the fear will further heighten.

Lim Young-ju played the role of ‘Jun-hee’ who reverses the atmosphere with a positive energy in the play.

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