Jeon So-mi “I want to perform as a member of I.O.I once again”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jeon So-mi kept her promise for the fifth anniversary of I.O.I’s debut.

Jeon So-mi met her fans after a long time on the 5th anniversary of I.O.I’s debut live broadcast on KT Olletv, Seezn and TVING at 7 p.m. on the 4th.

Jeon Somi said, “I’m I.O.I’s youngest, center Somi,” greeting fans she met after five years.

In the follow-up talk, Jeon So-mi introduced her hashtags as “Meditation,” “Scent,” “Film Camera,” “Exercise,” “Walk,” “Cooking,” “Grow Up” and “Album Preparation.”

Jeon So-mi said, “I meditated a day before I wrote this. “I smoked incense and flew it in the air to meditate, but I wrote it down because I thought I would look mature if I wrote it down. Film cameras are my hobby, and I am working out with Pilates and PT. I’ll keep talking about the album preparation. “It’s time for self-PR.”

Video clips of the members of I.O.I. were also released. Jeon So-mi, who watched the debut showcase, recalled memories of the time, saying, “I was sixteen years old.” Jeon So-mi, who was emotional while watching the video during the activity, also reenacted her trademark kicking choreography when the chorus of “So So So So So” came out.

She also had time to look into I.O.I.’s ‘straight friendship. Jeon So-mi looks like she took a picture with Chungha, saying “It looks like a picture took at Cap A, but we took it while working in Korea. The road was so jammed that I couldn’t go forward that I took a water taxi to go to schedule. Chungha and I stood up in the wind, so our hair volume is amazing.”

In a keyword question time for fans who have waited for I.O.I for five years, Jeon So-mi chose the keyword “5 years ago now VS now” and said, “When I watch videos from I.O.I., I go back and forth between the lines.” “I think it was because I was young at that time and I wanted to make it fun, but now I think a lot and say it.”

Jeon So-mi also expressed regret over the moment she wanted to experience again if she could turn back time, saying, “The concert was really happy, but it would have been nice to meet fans from all over the world like a world tour.”

She also delivered a sincere message to the member sitting next to her. Kim Se-jeong told Jeon So-mi, “I’m sorry. At that time, So-mi was too young, and we were too young. Nevertheless, it was always the first to boost energy. Even on our tired days, there were many days when Somi tried to float it alone. “There was always something I was thankful for when I saw Somi from time to time,” he said.

Jeon So-mi, moved by Kim Se-jeong’s sudden words, said, “I always thought about how to make my sisters happy.”

Finally, Jeon So-mi said, “I felt the emptiness of my sisters while working alone. “As the youngest, I received a lot of attention, beauty, and curiosity, but I felt empty because it disappeared overnight. I think there were many sisters in my heart without realizing it. It reminds me of my fans and I want to feel my heart beating again when I go on stage as I.O.I. Thank you so much for being with us today.”

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