Kim Je-dong donated incomes of the first edition of ‘The Moment When Questions Are Answered’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim Je-dong donated the first edition of the interview book ‘The Moment When Questions Are Answered’ published recently.

According to Kim Je-dong’s agency, Kim Je-dong and Kim Je-dong and Shoulder Dongmu purchased 114 laptops and 25 pads to the homes of 125 students at 108 schools through the ‘Warmness Sharing Project’. The cost of purchasing computer equipment consisted of donations from members of Kim Je-dong and Comrade Shoulders, and donations in the first edition of Kim Je-dong.

As school classes were converted to online due to Corona 19, the learning gap due to the gap in information equipment became too large. , After receiving the story with the recommendation of the teachers, I received a support project and implemented it.

It is known that large cities and metropolitan areas sent computer devices by courier, and they set three routes to small schools far from the metropolitan area and delivered them directly on March 25. Kim Je-dong delivered computer devices to the teachers by visiting Anseong, Eumseong, Goesan, Yeongcheon, Daegu, and Cheongju.

Je-dong Kim’s new book, ‘The Moment When Questions Are Answered’, is an interview book that introduces the answers obtained by meeting seven of the most attention-grabbing experts of this era on behalf of many people who are still frustrated and anxious in the face of a crisis that has swept away ordinary daily lives.

Physicist Professor Kim Sang-wook, architect Professor Yoo Hyun-jun, astronomer Shim Chae-kyung, economic expert Lee Won-jae, brain scientist Professor Jeong Jae-seung, director of Gwacheon National Science Museum Lee Jeong-mo, and pop culture critic Professor Kim Chang-nam. It asks on behalf of readers and delivers the knowledge and information shared by experts on how to live in a world that will change after the coronavirus, with unique wit and humor in an easy and fun way.

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