‘Love Naggers’ Kim Sook, “this is just cheating” in the story of farewell insurance

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Everyone was shocked by a client’s girlfriend’s amazing logic that she had “part of an insurance” in case she broke up with her lover.

In the 70th episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment program “Love Naggers Season 3,” which aired on the 4th, the story of a client, who is dating his girlfriend who met and told him to break up more than 50 times during a year, was introduced.

His girlfriend was a “habitual separator” who said she had not been able to contact him for an hour and a half, and said she had cut off the phone because she was going to the bathroom in a hurry to the bathroom. Whenever he was dumped by such a girlfriend, he begged desperately and claimed to be in a relationship with Eul.

One day, when she opposed her girlfriend’s opinion that she would go to Jeju Island alone, she informed her of her breakup again. After returning from Jeju Island, Ko Min-nam and his girlfriend will be reunited as usual, and his girlfriend was with another man in Jeju Island.

Not only this time, but the client, who learned that he was with another man every time he broke up with him, argued that she cheated on him. However, she claimed that her behavior is a kind of insurance because she met her when she broke up. It is a way to have a cool relationship, saying that his friends also have “part-time insurance.”

“It’s like a polyamorina,” Joo Woo-jae said in response to his girlfriend’s claim.
The concept itself is living in a completely different world,” said Han Hye-jin, who was outraged, saying, “This is a terrible relationship.”

“It’s not insurance, it’s just cheating,” Kim Sook said, while Han Hye-jin said, “His girlfriend is using a lot of mental violence. Why is the client willing to endure war-like times? Have a mature relationship.


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