‘Voice King’ attracted viewers of the brutal vocal war… Renewing its own highest ratings

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Voice King, which has been on the rise, has once again broken its highest viewer rating.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, on the 5th, the fourth episode of MBN’s mega vocal survival “Voice King” (planned director Park Tae-ho), which aired on the 4th, showed the highest ratings among all channel programs broadcasted at the same time with 7.029 (part 1) and 7.183% (part 2). The highest viewer rating per minute soared to 8.925 percent. This is a new record of its own highest ratings, and “Voice King” has maintained its No. 1 spot on Tuesday’s entertainment show for four consecutive weeks from its first broadcast to now.

In the broadcast on that day, the last story of the fierce first round match was depicted. ‘Voice King’, which showed a fierce war of male vocals regardless of genre or career. After verification by king makers, 68 of the 86 participants were selected to advance to the second round.

First of all, the challenge of unknown singers who did not give up singing even in difficult situations drew attention. The sincerity of those who could not give up singing in the unknown years of three years at the most and 35 years at the longest touched the hearts of not only the kingmaker but also the viewers. Those who did not miss their last opportunity as “Voice King” impressed the stage with their whole hearts and soul, making rival legendary vocals nervous.

Meanwhile, veteran actors such as Lee Han-wi, Lim Hyuk, Lim Byung-ki and Roh Young-guk also made a strong impact. The unexpected singing skills of those who thought they were only good at acting caught the viewers’ ears. Among them, Lim Hyuk’s mournful love songs made the entire studio tearful. However, the pressure of “Voice King” on veteran actors was great. Lee Han-wi and Lim Byung-ki failed to fully show their skills due to tension and failed to advance to the next round.

All-crown rush of talented players was also followed. “Hip-Hop King” Yang Dong-geun reversed the stage by reinterpreting Kim Chu-ja’s “Spring Rain” in hip-hop style, and UP10TION Hwan-hee won the all-crown with his monstrous voice with Lim Jae-beom’s “For You.” At the same time, Jung Moo-ryong, son of Lee Young-hee, the original singer of “Hul-Hul,” Tae-nam, an unknown singer who received rave reviews from the original singer Jin-sung for “Your Lantern,” and Raines Sung-ri, who re-challenged the survival, won a ticket to the second round of All Crown.

A total of 19 participants were eliminated after 86 participants participated in the first round. They had one wild card left, their last chance. After much consideration, Kingmakers chose comedian Lee Sang-gu, who had a sweet voice as the “man of the harbor,” as the second round contender.

In the trailer, the story of the second round, which became more brutal and fierce, stimulated viewers’ curiosity. A glimpse of the match between legendary vocals that surprised everyone and the creepy performances that beat the final. I wonder what kind of competition will take place in the second round, which will be a one-on-one match, and what all-time stages will be created through this.

“Voice King” airs every Tuesday at 9:50 pm.


Photo|MBN broadcast screen capture

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