aespa, confirmed comeback on the 17th… ‘Next Level’

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[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group aespa is making a comeback with a new song’Next Level’ on the 17th.

aespa’s new single ‘Next Level’ will be released on various music sites such as Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Cougou Music, and Kuwar Music at 6 pm on the 17th.

On the 6th, at 0 o’clock on the 6th, aespa released the ‘Next Level’ logo motion video and images through various social media accounts, and started the comeback countdown in earnest.

aespa debuted with ‘Black Mamba’ in November of last year, recorded a record of 100 million views, the fastest music video for a K-pop group’s debut song. It has proven down power.

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