Jeong Jin-woon, posted his daily life for the first time after breaking up with Kyungri… “Today is very sunny”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group 2AM Jeong Jin-woon released the latest news through SNS after the breakup with Kyung-ri was known.

On the 5th, Jeong Jin-woon posted a post on his Instagram story saying, “Today is very sunny” with a photo.

The released photo is of the Han River in a car. The river and blue sky reflected in the bright sunlight are beautiful.

Earlier, news of the breakup between Jeong Jin-woon and actress Kyung-ri, who was from the group Nine Muses, was announced. On the 4th, both sides of the management agency Kyung-ri and Jeong Jin-woon announced the separation between the two, and said that it is difficult to convey the detailed reason because the artist’s private life.

Jeong Jin-woon and Kyung-ri started a public relationship in November 2019, and after about 4 years, they have returned from lovers to co-workers.

Photo|Jinwoon Jung SNS
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