K-Horror Annie ‘Climbing’ released in June

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

K-mystery horror animation ‘Climbing’ will be released in June.

“Climbing” released a poster on Thursday with news of the movie’s release. The work is a mystery horror animation that takes place when Se-hyun, who suffered from extreme stress and nightmares ahead of the world climbing competition, receives a call from another himself.

The Korean Film Academy (KAFA), which has consistently introduced high-quality works with creative attempts every time, and has produced promising directors such as Bong Joon-ho and Choi Dong-hoon, Yoon Sung-hyun and Cho Sung-hee, will present their new film to the audience in 2021.

It is expected to be an emerging K-mystery horror animation player who will succeed “Device Monster Plastic Singer,” who showed the power of Korean animation by attracting 100,000 viewers in the market, which has been shrunk by COVID-19.

Se-hyun, the main character in the movie, connects to another self through a broken cell phone, and later faces an unfamiliar nightmare where the boundaries between reality and dream are unknown. On top of that, the bizarre, sharp painting style and bizarre atmosphere are expected to attract audiences with another attraction to enjoy the movie.

Director Kim Hye-mi, who embodies a mysterious and bizarre story in an original writing style, officially invited to the 22nd Bucheon International Animation Festival Special Award, Unity Award, and 6th Ulju World Mountain Film Festival.

The poster, which was released together, stimulates curiosity with an eerie text message saying, “You’re me, I’m you,” which the main character Se-hyun received from another himself.

Another poster adds a copy of “Do you want to refuse my call?” along with another phone call from me, raising questions about the identity of the caller and what will happen to the main character in the future. It will be released in June.


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