Kim Seon-ho’s fan from abroad made donation, marking Kim Seon-ho’s birthday

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s Global Fan Cafe ‘Seon-ho Hada USA’ and Kim Seonho Union donated 2.2 million won and 2.4 million won to the Beautiful Foundation, respectively, to commemorate Kim’s birthday on the 8th. The donations will be used to support the self-reliance of children who have left childcare facilities.

The Beautiful Foundation delivered such warm news on Tuesday.

The donation was triggered by Kim Seon-ho’s role as Han Ji-pyeong, a protective end child from a nursery school, in the tvN drama “Startup,” which ended in December last year.

In the drama, Han Ji-pyeong is a “ordinary” youth who grows up under the care of people around him and becomes a successful entrepreneur. The setting, which depicts end-of-protection children as ordinary members of society, not as objects of pity, and sheds light on their healthy independence, has broken stereotypes about end-of-protection children in the media and led to improved public awareness.

This donation is also the result of fans’ sympathy with Kim Seon-ho’s usual belief in donation, who has usually practiced sharing for blind spot neighbors.
In January, Kim Seon-ho exercised good influence by practicing sharing by donating 100 million won for children suffering from leukemia.

“I decided to donate because I sympathized with Kim Seon-ho’s sincere acting and sharing,” a fan cafe official said. “In the future, we will continue to engage with fans in other regions such as Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia.”

On the other hand, the Beautiful Foundation, which has supported the study and life of protected youths through the “University Student Education Fund Support Project” since 2001, has steadily launched an 18-year-old campaign to help them stand on their own feet and improve their awareness. Detailed information on the ’18 Adult’ campaign and the support project for children ending protection can be found on the website of the Beautiful Foundation.

Photo courtesy of the Beautiful Foundation
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