‘Sumi Sanjang’ Hong Yoon-hwa “Kim Min-ki changed my decision to remain single”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hong Yoon-hwa revealed why she married Kim Min-ki after dating him for nine years.

Comedian Hong Yoon-hwa visited the healing hand-flavored entertainment show “Sumi Sanjang,” co-produced by SKY Channel and KBS, and shed tears as she confessed her days when she couldn’t get married or study at will due to family debt.

In “Sumi Sanjang,” which aired on the 6th, Hong Yoon-hwa, who married comedian Kim Min-ki after nine years of dating, looked back, saying, “I was always a princess when I was dating.” “I’ve never been home alone.
He always took care of me going home, and even if he finished his work late, he stopped by me to see me. I like me because I’m warm, but I like you because I’m warm, too,” continuing her sweet confession.

Park Myung-soo said, “Is there a reason why the marriage was delayed when I liked it so much?” In response, Hong Yoon-hwa surprised everyone by saying, “In fact, I was a non-marriageist, but my husband moved my heart.”

Hong Yoon-hwa shed tears as she mentioned her mother who raised her two daughters alone while working at a hair salon during the week and as a housekeeper on weekends. “It was hard because I had a lot of debt at home, and I was the actual breadwinner. I didn’t want my brother to share my luggage, and I didn’t want him to know that the family environment was difficult,” she said, confessing his situation as a “non-marriageist.”

But Kim Min-ki, who learned about Hong Yoon-hwa’s situation, said, “I’ll help you. “Let’s pay it back together.” In the end, Hong Yoon-hwa settled her debt, which made her give up something in her life one by one, and immediately decided to marry Kim Min-ki. “I’m proud of both of them and they’re amazing,” said the family.

Meanwhile, Park Myung-soo asked cautiously, “When was the hardest time paying off your debts?” “It was when I knew the size of the debt,” Hong said. Recalling the memories of the time, Hong Yoon-hwa said, “We paid off the debt together since we found out that my sister was handling the debt alone so as not to hand over the debt to me.” “No matter how much I saved and saved the comedian’s appearance fee at that time, I only had about 50,000 won left after excluding living expenses, but I was at a loss because I thought I would pay off all my debts.”

Hong Yoon-hwa said, “I wanted to go to university so much when I saved this extra money and got a lump sum of 10 million won.” “It was a dream, so I just applied and eventually passed.”

In reality, however, Hong had no choice but to choose whether to pay tuition fees of 10 million won or buy a used car for the event to pay off debts. “I decided to pay off my debts and gave up going to college. Hong Yoon-hwa’s words, “I thought it was happier to pay off my debts,” made everyone cry, and Lee Hye-jung, “Big Mama,” encouraged Hong Yoon-hwa by patting her like her mother.

The healing hand-flavored entertainment show “Sumi Sanjang,” which was responsible for every Thursday night, ended with the healing journey of Hong Yoon-hwa, who made happiness today due to her childhood, and Lee Hye-jung, “Big Mama,” who captures her mother’s affection not only in cooking but also in talking.


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