‘The Devil wears Jung-nam 2’ Na Young-seok jokingly said “I don’t like Exo Kai, since he recommended me to wear a 500,000 won knit

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Producer Na Young-seok revealed why he hated EXO-Kai.

On the YouTube channel “Fifteen Night” web entertainment show “The Devil Wears Jung-nam 2” released on the 5th, a video titled “LIVE Edited versionㅣBae Jung-nam X Kai X or PD I Can’t Miss (including the controversial Bae Sa-jang Exercise Method).”

On the same day, Na brought his own personal clothes and shared them. Producer Na said, “As you can see from the 0th episode of this show, I bought pants and a shirt because I said, ‘I’ll choose one.’ I thought it would be good to have one knitwear next, but I didn’t know what to buy. So I said to Kai, ‘Please pick one quickly,’ and Kai picked this vest.”

“At that time, it was a rule to buy clothes with one’s own money. So I said, “I’ll pay for it,” and the clerk said, “700,000 won.” Bae Jung-nam was surprised, saying, “One of these?”

Producer Na also said, “When I asked ‘700,000 won?’ the clerk said, ‘Pants 100,000 won, shirts 100,000 won, knitwear 500,000 won,’ and I started to hate you.” In the meantime, he said, “I feel bad about that part (expensive one), but (the size) is small for me.”

Kai said, “I was thinking about buying it, too, but I put it down after seeing the price,” and Na PD said, “How could you put it on my shopping pack?” and drew attention in a playful way.


Photo | YouTube Devil Wears Jeong Nam 2 Capture
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