‘500 million per minute’…BTS V Chinese fan club breaks the record of the K-pop celebrity birthday fundraising

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group BTS V’s Chinese fan club “Baidu V Ba” set a new K-pop record with more than 500 million birthday donations in just one minute.

“Baidu V Ba” reported on the 8th that it collected 3.08 million yuan (about 534 million won) in just one minute at V’s birthday fundraiser, achieving the shortest time of 3 million yuan in a single platform.

Chinese fans proved their status as the number one player in the fandom economy by raising more than 4 million yuan in five minutes, 5 million yuan (867 million won) in 37 minutes and 6 million yuan (1.04 billion yuan in 15 hours and 24 minutes.

Considering that the existing K-pop fundraising records were 8 days (3 million yuan), 9 days (4 million yuan), 15 days (5 million yuan), and 38 days (6 million yuan), the size and economic power of Baidu V Ba, which surpassed all these records in just 15 hours, are deeply admired.

The fundraising, which began at around 8 p.m. Korean time, was transparently released through the fan economy site “owhat,” which reportedly delayed access to the site for about an hour due to server overload caused by a surge of users.

1 million yuan from 6 million yuan Baidu V Ba the nearest point on the fundraising record total amount of funds, as well as on the number of persons in terms of the best record.

A total of 6.2 million yuan (1.075 billion won) was raised in the 24 hours after the fundraising began, recording the highest number of participants in the year’s K-pop birthday fundraising, 10,000 in 11 minutes and 21,622 in 24 hours.

Baidu V Ba swept the top 30 rankings in joint purchase of K-pop albums, and bought a third of the total sales in the U.S. alone last year, showing off the power of the strongest fandom economy.

Last year, V’s birthday left a strong impression on fans around the world with a legendary support that broadcasts a laser show for V’s birthday advertisement on the outer wall of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

He is also leading various public utilities, including Taehyung Hope Elementary School, named after V, and the construction of roads (Kim Taehyung-ro) and walking bridges to improve the commuting environment.


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