‘Afternoon Hope’ Aunt Kim Da-bi, “No confrontation with BTS. I will compete with Lim Young-woong and Young-tak.”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Aunt Kim Da-bi, who returned with her new song, gave a refreshing talk.

MBC FM4U’s “Afternoon Hope Song Kim Shin-young” (hereinafter referred to as “Afternoon Hope”), which aired on the 10th, held a showcase for her second aunt, Kim Da-bi. Second aunt Kim Da-bi appeared as a guest and Song Eun-yi as a special MC.

MC Song Eun-yi said, “I’m a great rookie. It made more money than Kim Shin-young as the No. 1 in sales last year. “Advertising queen, chart queen,” she introduced her second aunt, Kim Da-bi. Kim Da-bi said, “Hello, family nephews and nephews. “Listen to life once, sing twice, listen to it twice.”

When Song Eun-yi said, “I came to ‘Afternoon Hope’ after a year, and I became a celebrity,” Kim Da-bi said, “In fact, I was a senior (celebrity + ordinary person) during ‘Give me’. However, it is possible because Song Eun-yi’s nephew trusts her and the love of the listeners. That’s why I became a celebrity,” she said confidently. She then boasted various awards, including the Soribada Award for New Star and the Brand Award for Women.

“It’s a healing song that I’m rooting for you to climb together,” Kim Da-bi said of her new song, “Let’s go up together. “I’m always excited when I sing,” said the first album, “Give it to me.” “I’m representing my nephew at work and giving her a comment that I can’t say to the CEO.” “It’s a song that my aunt scolded me and told me not to work overtime.”

Kim Shin-young wrote the lyrics. “I’ve never seen such a person like this before. She’s a genius,” she said without changing her face color, drawing laughter.

“(Kim Shin-young) is my niece, but who else compliments me?” Kim Da-bi said in the best lyrics, “Let’s plant my house in the forest of the best lyrics. She also asked her niece to shout out the lyrics, “The salary of salary, the sudden salary of salary, and the CEO Oh in the afternoon.”

Kim Da-bi said the budget for “Let’s Go Up” is about three times higher than the music video for “Zura Zura.” “One cell phone was filmed by the CEO’s niece. The niece of a small theater that dominates Korea also helped. In addition, it cost about three times as much to pay for meals as regular younger siblings of the love mountain club. The crab cost a lot. “The marinated crab seeds are dry,” she said, revealing the cost in detail.

BTS V recommended her to debut with “Jura Jura” adding that “BTS members are coming back soon and my heart is pounding.”

Asked how it feels to have a comeback match with BTS, Oh My Girl, and NCT, the second aunt Kim Da-bi said, “My genre is trot.” I don’t want to fight on charts where my nieces and nephews fight. I want to smell the top of the trot chart for a second and go down. “It’s a completely different path is completely different. “(I’m going to go with Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Jeong Dong-won, Kim Hee-jae, and Song Ga-in on the trot chart).”

When a listener asked about the No. 1 pledge, Aunt Kim Da-bi replied, “When I asked her to make a No. 1 pledge last time, I was angry, saying, ‘How can I win first place when I have Lim Hero?'”

Kim Da-bi, who was agonizing over it, showed the bracelet she was wearing, saying, “Do you want a germanium bracelet?” He then announced that he would be given a germanium bracelet through a lottery.

“I’ll give you glasses with frames only on the top, not these rimless glasses. “I will give you sunglasses that I couldn’t do because you said you looked mean after trying to do this activity,” she said. “I will give you germanium bracelets and sunglasses as a pledge to win first place.”

One listener said, “Is there any advertisement that advertising queen’s second aunt Kim Dabi wants to do? “Is it possible to make a cool appearance fee?”

“You look like a marketing nephew. What’s life like?” said my second aunt Kim Body. I can cut it like a sculptor. “I’ll carve it for you like Leonardo da Vinci,” he said, drawing laughter. Song Eun-eun, the representative nephew, also agreed with Nego.

“People who eat a lot of chicken should shoot ads,” she said, revealing that the most wanted advertisements are chicken and hamburgers.
“I’m a big eater,” she said.

Finally, Kim Da-bi thanked many of her nephews and said she was waiting to hear from them.

Last year, her second aunt, Kim Dabi, who was greatly loved for her new song “Jura Jura,” made a comeback with her new song “Opja.” “Orja,” which will be released on music charts on Thursday, is a song that aims to give hope to her nephews and nephews.


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