HyunA X DAWN “Thank you for keeping me by my side consistently”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singers HyunA and DAWN showed off their affection with their skin touch.

On the 10th, HyunA posted on her Instagram, “From 2016, from the day I first met, she has kept me by my side, for making me really happy, for making me the most fun friend in the world, for always trusting me, and I love you a lot♥” Photos were posted.

In the released photo, HyunA is wearing a happy smile on DAWN’s back. In the following photos, she still showed off her affectionate front with a variety of skinships such as kisses and back hugs. The appearance of DAWN putting on red lipstick and kissing and wiping her cheeks looks like any other couple in her twenties, making her smile.

The netizens who saw this said, “I’m also happy to see a star like you, thank you”, “You two are really cute”, “I always support you”, “I hope that they will be happy for life”, etc.

HyunA DAWN has been in public dating for 6 years, and Psy is a member of P NATION. Last March, she appeared on SBS’s ‘My Little OLD Boy’ with envy.


Photo|Hyuna SNS
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