‘Rough Madang’ Park Myung-soo, “I live my life as a pushover”… Start a mess discussion

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

“Rough Yard” is unveiled.

An extraordinary chaotic discussion on the theme of “pushover” will begin at 5 p.m. today (10th) at Kakao TV’s original web entertainment show “Rough Yard.”

Park Myung-soo, Lee Geum-hee, and Lee Mal-nyeon, who gathered together for the first debate of “Rough Yard,” will open their mouths with a comment that they are confident of their harsh talk and that no one has ever been a pushover in their lives and begin a full-fledged discussion. When asked by Lee Geum-hee if he had ever been a pushover, Park Myung-soo said, “I’ve been a pushover all my life,” explaining that he couldn’t take a picture head-on, took a picture at an angle, and saved it by looking for a part-time job.

The bold talk of “citizen assassins” as well as the three MCs catches the eyes and ears. Park Myung-soo gives citizens who participate in SNS live the nickname “citizen assassins” instead of “citizen commentators,” saying that they can cover their eyes and mouth and say whatever they want to say. While the relay talk of “citizen assassins” continued not only in Korea but also abroad, when “citizen assassins” confessed their experience as a fan of Internet broadcasting, Lee Mal-nyeon threw a laugh bomb, saying, “Then does it mean watching my Internet broadcast is a pushover?”

Lee Geum-hee’s entertainment debut ceremony, which will challenge her first fixed entertainment in 32 years since her debut, will also draw attention. Lee Geum-hee, who followed Park Myung-soo and Lee Mal-nyeon’s wild guidance while talking about how not to be caught in the salon, confesses, “It’s the first time I’ve spoken in this voice in my life.”

However, as a twist, Lee Mal-nyeon, who continues to come up with the wrong “escape from the push” solution, gives an outspoken comment, saying, “You’ve never lived at work before, have you?” causing unexpected laughter. Watching Lee Geum-hee’s “Morning Yard” style automatically proceeding despite Park Myung-soo’s harsh treatment will also be a laughing point.

“Rough yard” is a new concept of mess discussion entertainment created by “professional talkers,” who would be the second most upset in Korea, including “Outside Soekchok” Park Myung-soo, “Entertainment Newborn” Lee Geum-hee, and “Professional Brain Breaker” and calm man Lee Mal-nyeon. Three people have endless discussions on trivial topics in their daily lives, giving laughter bombs. In addition, “citizen assassins” participate in instant SNS live, creating a real mess discussion that doesn’t know where to go, conveying lively laughter and fun. Kakao TV will be released every Monday at 5 PM.


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