‘Sports Star Couple’ Lee Seung-joon, Kim Sonia, wedding pictorial release

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Basketball player couple Lee Seung-joon (43) and Kim Sonia (26) released a wedding pictorial.

The two who completed the marriage registration before the Olympics showed off the sweetness of the newlyweds through the recent photo shoot with Wedding 21.

For the next three months, each one has to stay apart from each other to prepare for the competition, so the eyes that look at each other were sorrowful. To congratulate the two, best friends gathered for this photo shoot, including his younger brother Lee Dong-joon, his wife, and actor David McGinnis.

The tattoo ‘SURE THING’ on arms of two people means confidence between each other. Tightly bound by the medium of basketball, they say the moment when they decide to marry.

“I had no intention of getting married, but as soon as I met, I was strongly attracted and felt as if I had become one body. One morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I cried out, ‘Let’s go to the ward office,’ and got married.”

The two people who are the same basketball player and have known each other since they met each other because of the commonality of being mixed races. In particular, Sonia wanted to meet Lee Seung-joon, a basketball senior and a senior in Korean life.

After being introduced to him by chance, the two of them were convinced that they were soulmates by talking on the phone every day from the beginning. It was a love like destiny.

Lee Seung-joon was born to a father from the US Army in Korea and a Korean mother, and played a domestic professional basketball career with his younger brother Lee Seung-joon. He retired in 2016 after working in Ulsan Mobis Peaverse, Seoul Samsung Thunders, Wonju Dongbu Promi, and Seoul SK Knights. He was naturalized in 2009 and is currently a single Korean citizen.

Sonia Kim was born to a Korean father and a Romanian mother. He is currently working as a forward under Woobi of Asan Woori Bank and won the Six Woman Award at the regular league awards ceremony in March last year.

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