Young-tak VS Jang Min-ho, brother’s me… Who is the winner?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the “Tuesday Sport Competition”, Young-tak and Jang Min-ho enter a “pig wrestling” battle ahead of the final winner’s decision, determining the winner of the “Mr. Trot” brothers.

TV CHOSUN’s “Tuesday Sport Competition” is a vitality-charging variety that is held under the slogan “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.” In the second episode, which aired on the 4th (Tuesday), the Blue Team Yang Ji-eun, Eun Ga-eun, Byul Sarang, Lee Man-gi, Do Kyung-wan, Young-tak, Kim Soo-chan and Baek Team Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Eui-young, Maria, Kim Jae-yeop, Mo Tae-bum, Jang Min-ho, and Jeong Dong-won threw a powerful laugh punch on the main room.

In particular, “Mr. Trot” Young-tak, Jung Dong-won and Jang Min-ho appeared as express supporters to support MC Lee Chan-won, exploding their sense of entertainment and desire to win in various entertainment shows such as “Mr. Trot,” “Love Call Center,” and “Ppong School”. Young-tak even mobilized specially-made toe socks to become a matchmaker, while Jeong Dong-won played a great role with cute charms among adults. As a result, Jang Min-ho caught the eye with passion that burned his whole body.

In the third episode of TV CHOSUN’s “Tuesday Sport Competition”, which will air on the 11th (Tuesday), Young Tak and Jang Min-ho will face each other again with “Pig Ssireum,” burning the end of “Brother’s Rebellion,” which will determine each team’s fate. In particular, as the squad entered the group “Pig Ssireum” in large doll clothes, “Mr. Trot” eldest brother Jang Min-ho surprised everyone by taking out the hidden power. Jang Min-ho not only pushed Kim Soo-chan out of the field in a situation where it was difficult to sit and balance, but also shook the scene by breaking down the opposing team’s strongest players one after another.

Even Jang Min-ho not only rolled the “Miss Trot” members relentlessly, but also ran around in the east and west, playing as the main striker of the white team contrary to expectations. Jang Min-ho, who gave off healthier lower body strength than his younger siblings and shocked the surroundings, is raising questions about whether he will eventually lead the Baek team to victory or whether another dark horse will be created against Jang Min-ho.

On the other hand, the match between Lee Man-ki and Kim Jae-yeop, who became the main characters of the highest viewer ratings per minute, will be determined by listening to the viewers’ hearts in the second episode of “Cheonha Jangsa Singing Room” last week. The two men, who had an unprecedented clash almost as if the line would be cut off due to their old age-forgotten power, finally overwhelmed the scene as they decided the winner of the power showdown. Attention is focusing on how the legendary sports players’ confrontation, which proved that “condition is temporary, but classes are eternal,” will end, and the shocking result.

“There have been a series of twists and turns from the Brother’s Rebellion to the Old Power Match,” the production team said. “Please watch the performance of the players who threw their faces and bodies until the end.”

Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN’s “Tuesday Sport Competition” will air at 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

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