‘Anyway, go to work!’ Department store support team Jang Hwan-seok completed OOTD with employee discount.

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In “Anyway, Go to Work!”, Jang Hwan-seok, the support team responsible for the day at the department store, will be on the scene of earning a living.

MBC’s entertainment program “Anyway, Go To Work!” (directed by Jung Da-hi, Jung Gyeo-woon), which airs at 9:20 p.m. today (11th), depicts a day full of ups and downs of Jang Hwan-seok, the youngest member of the department store support team.

First of all, Jang Hwan-seok boasts his fashion sense like a department store employee, drawing cheers from MCs. “There are more opportunities to get clothes at a good price by using employee discounts,” he said. He prepares to go to work vigorously by presenting a unique “office look.”

After arriving at the office, she boasts bright greeting, flamboyant typing skills, and quick e-mail replies, giving off her youngest sense and energy.

At first glance, however, Jang Hwan-seok’s hidden grievances, such as the highest level of social life, are revealed. Rumor has it that he reacts to each of his seniors’ words and transforms into a “reaction bot,” while secretly bruising in between, causing laughter in the studio. Jang Hwan-seok, who recalled his hard “job search” days, said, “I applied for 50 places and got accepted to one place,” will go through a tough career even after joining the company and show his appearance as if he were a real-life drama.

Jang Hwan-seok, who not only wandered around the entire department store as soon as he came to work, but also had a hectic schedule such as question bombing and sudden meetings with seniors, eventually visits his own secret hideout. Finding a chance to take a breather here, he is said to have caused “saltyness” by revealing his true feelings along with his motive.

Kwang-hee, who was watching this, confessed her story, saying, “I have a similar experience.” The release of a “sad” story that anyone new to society will sympathize with raises expectations for the show.

Jang Hwan-seok, the youngest member of the department store support team, can be found on MBC’s entertainment program “Anyway, Go to Work!” which airs at 9:20 p.m. today (11th).


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