‘Does the Cuckoo Sing at Night?’ starring Jung Yoon-hee, re-released on the 12th

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Does the Cuckoo Sing at Night?’ starring actors Lee Dae-geun and Jung Yoon-hee will be re-released on the 12th.

We meet again at the theater with the movie ‘Does the Cuckoo Sing at Night?’ (1980, director Jeong Jin-woo), awarded with 9 crowns of the Daejong Award.

‘Does the Cuckoo Sing at Night?’ will be re-released at the special exhibition ‘Era of Troika’ that will be held at the CGV Signature K Theater from the 12th. It contains the tragedy that unfolds when a greedy forest guard appears in front of ‘Dol-i’ (played by Lee Dae-geun) who burns and sells charcoal in the mountains and ‘Soon-i’ (played by Jung Yoon-hee) who had a happy marriage. It is considered one of the representative films of Korean eroticism in the 80s.

It is a work in which the short novel ‘Seonghwangdang’ by artist Jeong Ji-seok was transferred to the screen, and the primary color of love and original vitality were drawn. Jung Yoon-hee, one of the 7080 actress troikas, swept 9 categories including Best Actress, Best Actor, and Cinematographer at the awards ceremony at the 19th Grand Bell Awards Film Festival.

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