Kim Chang-yeol resigns voluntarily as CEO of Sidus HQ

Lee Haneul, Kim Chang-yeol. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Chang-yeol (48), a member of the group DJ DOC, voluntarily resigned two months after he was appointed as CEO of Sidus HQ.

IHQ announced on the 11th that “Kim Chang-yeol, head of Sidus HQ Entertainment, voluntarily resigned for personal reasons.” The reason for his resignation was not specifically known, but rumors of his involvement in the late Lee Hyun-bae, a 45-RPM member of the group and the younger brother of DJ DOC Lee Ha-neul, are cited as the background.

Lee Ha-neul shocked Lee Hyun-bae by revealing on SNS on the 17th of last month that his younger brother died because of Kim Chang-yeol. It was claimed that Lee Hyun-bae, who was in charge of the pension project, suffered from living difficulties because Kim Chang-yeol did not make the investment promised to the pension project in Jeju Island, which DJ DOC promoted together. Lee Ha-neul also drew attention for revealing that Lee Hyun-bae wrote Kim Chang-yeol’s songs by proxy and composed melody lines.

At Lee Ha-neul’s revelation, Kim Chang-yeol said, “DJ DOC is a group that has been growing up with each other for a long time since their debut in 1994. “It is true that we did business together in this process and there was a bad situation, but we are cautious to bring up long-standing things without the sadness of leaving the deceased,” he said, asking for speculation and speculation.

Since then, the conflict between the two has been lulled for a while, but there is a possibility that the conflict will reignite as Kim Chang-yeol has put down his title for personal reasons.

Kim Chang-yeol was appointed as a new representative of the entertainment sector of iHQ (IHQ), a comprehensive entertainment company, in March, drawing attention. He was an entertainer who has been active in various fields since his debut as a DJ DOC in 1994, and served as a director of the Korea Singer Association, but there were many views of “shocking” to take on the leading entertainment representative position.

In fact, SidusHQ, where Kim Chang-yeol was the head of the division, is a representative management company in Korea with various celebrities, including actors Jang Hyuk, Kim Ha-neul, Um Ki-joon, Oh Yeon-seo, singer god Park Joon-hyung, EXID Hyerin, broadcaster Lee Bong-won, Hwang Je-sung, and Park So-hyun.

When Kim Chang-yeol was appointed as CEO, he expressed his ambitious ambition, saying, “We will spare no investment and support to each business unit,” but as he voluntarily resigned from his post in two months, his buoyant ambition ended.

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