‘Loud’, a new boy group to be born with the know-how of Park Jin-young x Psy

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS’ new audition program “LOUD:LOUD” (hereinafter referred to as “LOUD”) heralded SBS-JYP-Phenation’s special synergy.

The mega boy group project “Loud,” newly introduced by “Audition Famous” SBS, will premiere on June 5. “Loud” is a 2021 worldwide boy group project in which JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin-young and P Nation’s head Psy meet with SBS’ “K-Pop Star” production team to create two next-generation boy groups to represent each company. Viewers’ expectations and attention are already focused on the special synergy that the three SBS-JYP-P NATION will achieve.

Best Artist and Producer Park Jin-young

Park Jin-young is a dance singer and producer with 28 years since her debut in “Living Legend.” Park Jin-young has become Korea’s leading producer, succeeding numerous idol groups from the first generation national group god to Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7, TWICE, Stray Kids, and ITZY. In 2020, NiziU, a nine-member girl group composed of Japanese, was discovered and debuted. At the same time as her debut, Nizu made a huge success by breaking various music chart records. Following Nizu, Park Jin-young is drawing keen attention to what “global boy group” he will find and his outstanding eye.

Unrivaled producer Psy.

P NATION, led by Psy, includes renowned talented artists such as HyunA, Crush, Heize, DAWN and Swings, and Jessi. They all have their unique personalities and musical colors. Psy also excited the world with his mega hit song “Gangnam Style,” which features unique style and performance. It ranked second on K-pop’s first Billboard single chart “Hot 100” for seven consecutive weeks and raised K-pop’s status by surpassing 4 billion views on YouTube music videos. It raises questions about what the first boy group that Psy will create based on his know-how he has built up.

Audition’s masterpiece, SBS

When SBS was unfamiliar with the genre of audition in Korea in 2001, Sunday Variety ‘Super Express! It attracted a lot of attention by presenting the project section of “Hurray to Sunday,” “Project to foster gifted children-99% of the challenge.” Park Jin-young, who was a judge at the time, also discovered Seon-ye of Wonder Girls and Jo Kwon of 2AM.

Starting with this, SBS launched “K-Pop Star” and instantly captivated viewers with its unprecedented composition and various characteristics in which producers of “Big 3 agencies” (SM, YG, JYP) appeared as judges.
Thanks to its enthusiastic support, “K-Pop Star” continued into season 6, and has proudly established itself as a “national audition program,” with record numbers exceeding 20% of the highest ratings.

SBS then introduced a new concept music contest program called “The FAN.” The groundbreaking composition of the public, not judges, evaluating the participants and deciding the winner gave freshness, which once again imprinted the modifier “Audition Famous SBS.”

SBS’ new audition program “LOUD:LOUD,” which predicts the synergy of the three SBS-JYP-P NATION companies, will premiere at 9 p.m. on June 5.


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