‘MMTC’ NU’EST JR “Practice dancing before shower”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group NU’EST JR surprised Jae-jae by announcing that he dances before taking a shower.

On the YouTube channel ‘MMTG’ on the 10th, “Friend… That part-timer over there. Is she your sister? Do you have a boyfriend by any chance? No?! Then can I develop romantic relationship with her?◀ The actual lyrics of the song… A video titled ‘Will you believe it?’ was released. We talked about NU’EST’s last song in the ‘Why did you work so hard’ section of the released video.

Jae-jae was amazed at Ren’s brilliant footwork during his “Sleep Talking” activities, calling it sharp group dance. “The choreographer told me to dance and walk when I go home,” JR recalled.

When Jae-jae asked, “Have you ever actually gone home dancing?” Ren said, “I’ve never done that, but I’ve danced in the shower.” “There’s someone dancing in the shower,” the production team said. Len replied, “There are a lot.

“I usually dance before I take a shower,” JR said.

When Jae-jae was embarrassed, saying, “Isn’t this more serious?” JR explained, “I dance the whole song to check if I forgot it on my way home after dance practice.”

Jae-jae said, “You have to tell us what’s ahead. When I hear it, I think I’m a weird person who suddenly lies down and dances and showers.”

NU’EST released its second full-length album “Romanticize” on the 19th of last month and worked as a new song “INSIDE OUT.”


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