‘On and off’ Oh Yeon-seo got the steering wheel in 3 years… Wardrobe license escape machine

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s “On & Off (directed by Shin Chan-yang)” feature will unveil the ON and OFF of actress Oh Yeon-seo, who made a comeback with a new film for the first time.

Oh Yeon-seo will present actors ON and Homebody OFF. Oh Yeon-seo, who returned to the drama “Crazy X in this area,” will reveal the filming site of the teaser and poster and show ON as an actor. Oh Yeon-seo, who started filming with actor Jung-woo, draws attention with various professional facial expressions and poses. As a representative of the entertainment industry, he will also give an impromptu lecture on how to take self-cameras. When questions are asked in the studio, they show off their easygoing charm by demonstrating themselves.

Oh Yeon-seo, who is facing OFF, catches the eye with her homebody life, which is 180 degrees different from ON. Oh Yeon-seo, who is united with the sofa, watches the animation in a series with great concentration and immobility. She will also assemble her own animation goods and show off her happiness as a fan.

The method of taking a walk for homebody tickets is also eye-catching. Oh Yeon-seo will showcase a new concept of LAN line tour in the corner of her room where she walks in hot places such as Han Riverjin and Samcheong-dong through the street view service. It is planning to set up an online launch stamp on landmarks around the world by watching driving videos of hot places overseas. Rumor has it that all of the studio’s cast members were impressed by Oh’s thorough preparation of self-in-flight meals.

Escape from the wardrobe license also visits viewers. Oh Yeon-seo, who has been behind the wheel for the first time in three years, will try to escape from her wardrobe license, which she has postponed until now.
Oh Yeon-seo’s most difficult point is T-shaped parking, and a tense parking challenge will give novice drivers empathy. Oh Yeon-seo’s driving lessons and actor ON can be seen on today’s show.

In the broadcast on this day, the private documentary of actress Shin Dong-mi, who makes people around her happy with high tension, and actress Lee Jung-hyun, who constantly strives at OFF for ON, will be released together.

tvN’s ‘On & Off’ airs every Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m.



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