‘Run Dog’ Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa → Kim Soo-chan,’The Hot 60 Days Challenge’

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Run Dog is over.

The final episode of MBC’s Every1 entertainment program “Run Dog” (hereinafter “Run Puppy”) ended on the 10th, showing human and pet dog communication and emotion through the process of Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa couple, Lee Tae-sung, Kim Ji-min, and Kim Soo-chan learning and challenging their dogs.

On the show, the scene of the “Run Dog” family participated in the dizziness competition was revealed. The “Run Puppy” family arrived at the scene looking nervous. The stadium, which awaits them, boasts an overwhelming scale. Not only that, but also many spectators and dogs. It was quite different from the atmosphere in training.

The first team to participate in the competition was Kim Ji-min and his dog, Nari, and Gam. First of all, Nari is a puppy who was sensitive due to trauma. Nari, who entered the stadium, showed some uneasiness, causing regret. However, Nari communicated hard with Kim Ji-min. As a result, Nari finished the course. The feeling of joining the team belatedly on a diet also did his best to play the field. Kim Ji-min shed tears.

Lee Tae-sung, his dogs Cao and Monde then challenged. Kao usually showed off his stable skills. Mond boasted a speed that even Lee Tae-sung couldn’t keep up with. However, Kao and Mond also failed to concentrate on the field atmosphere, which was much different from the time. Lee Tae-sung attempted to communicate with the goal of completing the race, and Kao and Mond also did their best until the end. After the game, Lee Tae-sung showed his pride, recalling Kao and Monde smiling brightly.

The challenge of Kim Soo-chan and his dog Eun-chan also created a sense of emotion. Eun-chan was a “brother lover” who was only attached to Kim Soo-chan because he was scared at the beginning of the broadcast. Eun-chan was reborn as an ace after repeatedly training for his agility. As an ace, Eun-chan entered the stadium with high expectations. Although he did not get as much results as expected, Eun-chan enjoyed his dizziness with Kim Soo-chan.

Finally, Shim Jin-hwa and Typhoon participated. Typhoon is the biggest puppy in Run Puppy, but he is only 8 months old. Shim Jin-hwa, who came out as a handler, communicated hard with the typhoon. The typhoon failed to set a formal record, but proved its outstanding potential and promised to follow.
In particular, it was more meaningful because it was a challenge for Jindo dogs that did not fit well with their agility.

The “Run Dog” family did not get outstanding results as it was their first challenge. However, the connection between humans and dogs in the process of challenging them was as impressive as winning. The laughter and happiness of MBC Everyone’s “Run Dog”, a pet dog vice principal project, will not be forgotten.


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